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Lately I’ve been obsessed with ZIA, also known as Zentangle Inspired Art.
It’s a strangely meditative way of drawing using repeating patterns. True Zentangles are made on small tiles (3.5 x 3.5 inches wide) and contain only one of about 140 official Zentangle patterns. ZIAs, on the other hand, can be any size you’d like and may also use whatever for of patterns you can think of.
Of if you like the term better, think of Zentangles and ZIAs as doodles. ^_^

Anyway, three days ago I started working on a piece and finished it off the day after, and now I want to show it off and brag about it. That’s right: Brag! I’m really proud of it, and while I can see for myself several areas where I could have done better I still think this is the best damn piece of work I’ve ever done!

TanglewolfClick on it to see the full details.

The whole thing took me about 6-8 hours spread over the two days, working on it whenever time allowed.

Materials used:
– Daler-Rowney Bristol Board 250 g/m2
– Staetler Pigment Liner 01, 03, 05 and 07
– Pigma Micron 005
– 2H pencil

Original drawing size:
– Paper: 20 x 25 cm
– Image: 18 x 19 cm

Scanned at 300 dpi

So, what have I done with the original?
I’ve given it a black, wooden frame and placed it for sale on Finn.no hoping someone’ll find it decorative enough to purchase it. I’ve also added it to my DeviantArt profile as a print so people can order photos and framed images of it.Why?
With a little extra spending money I might be able to buy more and/or more expensive art supplies so I can experiment more. ^_^


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More dots…

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Want to know what the TRUE definition of the word “patience” is? Take a look at this video and you’ll see…


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Watch me draw #4

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Greetings, and welcome back to another session of me skribbling some ink down on paper. That’s right, another “watch me draw” video to plague your eyes. To compensate a bit I’ve added a few minutes of Pink Floyd, just to soothe your ears. :)

The original video was 40 minutes long, almost to the second. I’ve tried a new method to speed it up, using Pinnacle Studio 15HD to time-lapse it 5 times. I’ll never go through THAT again, though, as it took the better part of 6 hours to process, lagging my computer like nothing else while doing so, and even ended up with less quality than I started out with.
If someone has a good technique for speeding up videos taken with an iPhone, please… Let me know!

While inking this strip I had put Spotify on shuffle, with slightly over 9000 songs to select from. Turned out to be a rather schizophrenic playlist.

“A satisfied mind” – Johnny Cash
“Eleanor Rigby” – The Beatles
“The tide is high” – Atomic Kitten
“Sensorium” – Delerium
“Comfortably numb” – Pink Floyd
“Sweat (A la la la long)” – Inner Circle
“Ladies and gentlemen” – Saliva
“The post war dream” – Pink Floyd
“Bohemian rhapsody” – Queen
“I want your love” – Transvision Vamp
“Princess of light” – Robert Miles

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Manga Mania

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Let it be known that I’m not a huge fan of Manga and Anime. Some of it is good, much is utter trash. Thus I’ve never really yearned to draw in that style either.

Despite that, I set out to draw something manga-ish today. The 14 year old son of our neighbours was confirmed at church today, and I though it would be a nice gesture to give him a personalized drawing. What with him being a World of Warcraft player and all, I decided something WOW-themed would suit him well. He plays a male Blood-Elf Warlock, so that became the natural choice of motif.

I started sketching poses and ideas on some officepaper lying about, and here’s a few pictures of them.┬áThis first one turned out to look too much like a gypsy, and there were something wrong with his pose too, so that got scrapped.

The next one show some initial thoughs about the clothing. Didn’t like the shoulderpads (pouldrons?) so I ditched them, but I found I liked him better with short, fiery hair.

Then follow a smaller piece of scrap paper with some posing. I finally settled on something similiar to the one in the middle.

Having decided on a pose and fleshed out the armor a little, I set about sketching on an A4 sheet of paper (160g). Here you can see a little of the progress…

After using my nib pen to draw in the lines I used a small brush (size 0, round) to create a heavy outline around the character. With that in place I used a larger brush (size 4, round) to spot in the area around him to make the drawing look more dramataic.

Finally, here you can see the final, scanned product in all it’s high-res detail. I urge you to click on it to see all the details. :)

The man of the hour got the drawing from me a little while ago, and it seemed to me like he liked it. ^_^

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Watch me draw #3

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Greetings and salutations, stranger.
I bring you yet another video about drawing, this time me inking the comic I posted here yesterday.

I’ve been messing about with effects and suchlike and have finally found a way to speed up my videos, albeit by using a very timeconsuming and messy procedure. I won’t bore you with the details of that, though. Just keep in mind that what you see originally took 28 minutes to draw, sped up 4 times.

Music by the wonderful Meiko Kaji, made (almost) famous for her “Flowers of Carnage” and “Urami Bushi” songs (Kill Bill soundtracks).

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