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Lately I’ve been obsessed with ZIA, also known as Zentangle Inspired Art.
It’s a strangely meditative way of drawing using repeating patterns. True Zentangles are made on small tiles (3.5 x 3.5 inches wide) and contain only one of about 140 official Zentangle patterns. ZIAs, on the other hand, can be any size you’d like and may also use whatever for of patterns you can think of.
Of if you like the term better, think of Zentangles and ZIAs as doodles. ^_^

Anyway, three days ago I started working on a piece and finished it off the day after, and now I want to show it off and brag about it. That’s right: Brag! I’m really proud of it, and while I can see for myself several areas where I could have done better I still think this is the best damn piece of work I’ve ever done!

TanglewolfClick on it to see the full details.

The whole thing took me about 6-8 hours spread over the two days, working on it whenever time allowed.

Materials used:
– Daler-Rowney Bristol Board 250 g/m2
– Staetler Pigment Liner 01, 03, 05 and 07
– Pigma Micron 005
– 2H pencil

Original drawing size:
– Paper: 20 x 25 cm
– Image: 18 x 19 cm

Scanned at 300 dpi

So, what have I done with the original?
I’ve given it a black, wooden frame and placed it for sale on Finn.no hoping someone’ll find it decorative enough to purchase it. I’ve also added it to my DeviantArt profile as a print so people can order photos and framed images of it.Why?
With a little extra spending money I might be able to buy more and/or more expensive art supplies so I can experiment more. ^_^


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  1. Christina Rivera-Scott said,

    You created a wonderful piece here! Props to you and your design.

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