Stylus in style (or not)

August 31, 2013 at 15:43 (Uncategorized)

I’ve been drooling over the Adonit JotPro, a stylus for capasitative tablets that allow fine control when drawing over the duge and clunky rubbertipped styli. A few days ago, as I was browsing through YouTube videos, I came across a series of videos by a user named Kobausks where he described how to create a similar stylus at home.

By now I’ve made three of them, and they are quite simply amazing!
If you want to make your own you need the following items:
– A used ballpoint pen or felttip pen
– Some clear sticky tape
– Scissors and/or hobby knife
– A small piece of paper
– antistatic bag (the kind hard-drive are packaged in)

The first thing you need is a simple ballpoint pen. Remove the sylinder containing the ink and the pen tip, and you’ll be left with a hollow tube.


Take a small square of paper and rollout together, really tightly. Then insert it into the empty pen so a small piece of the paper sticks out, just as if it were a pen tip.


Use a small piece of tape and make sure the paper piece is firmly secured to the pen.


If you want to use a used felt tip pen instead you can drop these steps and just use it as is.

Now we need to cut out a piece og the antistatic bag. If you don’t have a bag like that you can use a piece of metallic paper from a bag of chips instead, but then you won’t have a transparent tip on your stylus.
Here’s a simple drawing of what you should cut out. Note the small upside-down L’s on the lower part. You need to carefully cut along them.


Here’s a picture of what the thing should look like when you’ve cut it out. The lower part should be folded as you can see in the following pictures.


Take the pen and align the tip so it matches up with where the packaging material is folded, then use small pieces of tape to attach them together.


One thing to be careful of here:
This material conducts electricity on one side (the outside of the bag), but not the other. Make sure this conductive side is on the outside of your pen as well as pointing downward, or your stylus won’t work at all.

Add another piece of tape to the top of the stylus as well as one on the middle of the shaft. That aught to keep it firmly in place.


I’ve added a piece of tape to the underside of the “tip”, and another on top, to strengthen it.


Now I take a pair of scissors and cut the tip into a circular shape, keeping the tip made of paper firmly in the middle. Take care when you don’t this so you don’t cut off too much. It is better to just trim it slightly and make sure it works properly and then come back and make it look prettier later.


Voila! You’re good to go.
Congrats on making your very own drawing-stylus.

And here’s a short video of me testing one of my styli in Sketchbook PRO for Tablets.



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