Tablet jealousy & Sketchbook scribblings

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I’ve always been envious of people having iPads and being able to use then to create stunning art. Ever since the first ipad hit the market I’ve envisioned using one as a sketchbook, being able to whip it out at a moments notice and start scribbling away, never having to worry about running out of paper or ink.

Now that I HAVE a tablet… Well, I’m still envious of all the ipad owners, but for slightly different reasons. You see, while I can draw quite decently on my Denver tablet, it has a few restrictions that is a little frustrating at times.
The first, and most annoying is that the Google Play store is severely lacking in decent drawing apps compared with Apple’s Appstore. I’m also restricted to a 7″ screen at only 800*444 pixels, along with a slowness processor. This can make the more demanding apps leggy and unresponsive at times.

Griping aside, I now CAN draw, paint and sketch whenever and wherever I want!
So, what have I been doing with it?

I’ve been testing out Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for Tablets. It’s a surprisingly versatile and powerful program, but also takes some getting used to due to all the options available. Here you can see the first drawing I made with it:


Not exactly a Rembrandt or a Monet, but it’s a start.

I don’t know how many of you know of Daniel Jones, but she’s a children’s book’s illustrator, and also have a YouTube account that I stalk follow. She’s been showing off some truly stunning ipad art, and has also written a book about drawing on tablets.
Taking both some advice and inspiration from her, I started to really learn how to draw digitally.

Using a picture reference, I drew a bird. In Norwegian this is called a “kjøttmeis” which translates to “meat-sparrow” or something similar. Imagine my childish surprise when I found out that the English name was “great tit”. *snigger*

First i drew a very rough sketch to block in all the shapes. Sorry for not showing it here, but I accidentally deleted it before saving it to the gallery. On a layer above that I used a pencil to refine the linework. Still rough, but not too messy either.


I then made three new layers below the linework, and set the linework layer to “multiply”, thus making sure it could be seen above all the other layers, while hiding all the white.
The lower level I filled with a greenish, cloudlike gunk. The layer above i painted the wooden branch that the bird was standing on. And the third layer, just below the linework, I filled with a neutral brown color.


Once the bird was filled I locked that layer’s transparency, meaning I could easily paint over it without worrying about painting outside the “lines” as it were. Using a medium size brush set to low opacity I started filling in colors.


It took a few hour, but eventually I felt that adding more detail really wouldn’t improve it any more.
I lowered the opacity of the linework a little and added a layer on top that I filled with a texture set to very low opacity (6 or 8 % i think) just to add a little more randomness to the image.


Here you can see the image I used as a reference:


I’ve also started on a new image,  one of our rat named Lara having a nap.
She looks so cute and defenceless like this. :)
Here you can see the photo reference and the initial sketch (with some linework on top) :



Unlike the bird that I drew using a stylus, I worked mostly with my fingers on this one.


Once done I created a layer for the background and filled it with a neutral color. I then made a new layer for the rat. I painted over her with a fat brush, fast and dirty, making sure every part of her was covered. I then went along the edge with an eraser and removed everything that had gotten outside the linework.


And that’s as far as I’ve gotten with this drawing. I’ll show you more later. So long…


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