Personalizing my gizmos

July 18, 2013 at 11:37 (Blog, Drawing) (, , , , , )

As mentioned I’ve gotten myself a small tablet. In fact it was so cheap and versatile that not only my fiancee got one,  but my stepson did as well. Which, naturally, might lead to some confusion about who owns which tablet.

With that in mind I drew a small dragon in the shape of an F (my name is Fredrik, after all) and stuck it to the back of my tablet as a way to differentiate it from the others.


My stepsons first reaction was “Cool!” followed by “I want one of Bad Piggies”  which is a fairly popular mobile game. Last night I started sketching and kept at it till well after when I should have gone to bed.
As always is started with a pencil sketch. His name start with a Y, so that’s the overall shape of it.


I then inked it in using my fineline markers.


The next step, and quite possibly the most enjoyable one, was to add some value to the drawing. This i did with a set of five ProMarker gray pens.


Finally i used four colored ProMarker pens on top of that to give it all a little more color and life.


As you can see here,  it’s been cut out using a sharp scissor, and a small razor for the tiny hole above the wheel.

By the way, did you know that these kind of pens bleed through the paper like nothing else? If you plan on coloring anything with them you must have a piece of scrap paper or cardboard beneath the paper or you’ll get some really ugly marks on your drawing surface. I learned this the hard way a long time ago.
Here…  Take a look at the backside of the drawing.



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