Book review: Terry Moore’s How to Draw Women

April 10, 2012 at 21:10 (Blog, Books) (, , , , , )

I though I’d shine some light on this “book” by the immensely talented Terry Moore, made famous by his work on Strangers in Paradise, Echo and various other publications.
Why did I use the word “book” on quotes? Take a look at this short clip and you might see why…

At a meagre 24 pages it’s more like a small magazine or a comic book. But that’s not really important, is it? It’s what’s inside that counts.

One of the first things you see in this book is that it’s not really a “how to draw” book. There’s no step by step instructions, no proportion schemes to look at. The author even goes so far as to say it’s not a book about technique, but more about the spirit and mindset behind drawing women.
The book give a few examples of drawings where the author describe what you see, and in a very thoughtful manner too. He tells you how the character has to compensate for having one leg back by moving her hip over such and so and reach out with her arm. He does this with several images, some with more than one character interracting, and really makes you THINK about how the artist constructed the images.

And that’s about it…
Everything else is basically filler, things you could gather from your own wandering thoughts if you just took the time to sit down and think.

So, would I recommend this book?
Nah, not really. The images inside are beautiful, even the loose sketches, and if you are like me and worship anything drawn by Mr Moore it should find a spot on your shelf. Otherwise I’d steer clear. Then again, at only $5 it’s not that big of a deal.


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