Dance with me

February 28, 2012 at 14:14 (Blog, Drawing, Work) (, , )

Yesterday I ventured into unknown territory, or at the very least unfamiliar territory; Anatomy!

I’ve read quite a bit about it and looked at a lot of examples and tutorials, but whenever I put pen to paper I can never get it 100% right.
I know, I know… Just a sign that I need to practice more.

Anyways, yet another birthday crown at the kindergarten, and this time the girl of the day wanted a ballerina (or as she put it, “a dancing-lady”). A great opportunity to try out my middling skills in anatomy!

The first thing I did was scouring google for some ballerina images. I settled on these three for a combination of pose, dress and position of feet.




The first thing I did was lightly sketching out the general shapes, erasing and redrawing as needed.


The next step was to add some details. I decided to keep the face and hair relatively simple, focusing more on the dress itself.


Next up was inking with my trusty Pentel brush pen. It’s starting to get a little shabby, poor thing, but still gets the job done.


Once the ink had dried I erased the pencil lines and gathered my painting materials. I had left my watercolor pencils at home so I had to use the paint available at the kindergarten; huge blocks of paint the size of my palm, only found in primary colors, white and black.
Still, I managed to find a relatively pleasing color scheme.


As you can see I’ve spilled outside a few places. I could have avoided that quite easily, but since I knew I was going to cut out the figure I just couldn’t be bothered. Saved me a few seconds.


And here’s the finished woman, ready to glue onto the birthday crown.

So, what do I think of the result?
I’m generally pleased with it. I feel I got the pose right, and I’m happy with the wrinkles and shading on the costume.

Not that crazy about the raised arm though. After I had it inked I saw more easily that arm being longer than the one going downwards. I’m also a bit unsure of whether she has a too small head or too long neck.

Oh well, minor niggles. All in all I made a valiant effort and think I got it mostly right.


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