Birthday crowns

February 8, 2012 at 19:58 (Blog, Drawing, Work) (, , , )

Yesterday one of the small girls at my job had birthday, turning five years old. She’s a small, blonde and pretty girlie-girl. You know the kind, a real little princess; Or at least she WANT to be one.
Anyway, when asked what she wanted as a decoration on her crown she said only one world: “Pony!”

I have to admit that animal anatomy isn’t really my strong suite, so I sought inspiration from the more cartoony side of life. I recently heard about “My Little Pony: Friendship is magic” from some of my friends. These are grown men around 30 years of age, and they practically gushed about it! Maked my kind of scared to check it out if a series about pastel ponies can elicit such adoration from grown men!  Ô_Ô

With that conversation strong in mind I did a google image-search and found a pony I guessed she’d fall in love with, a pink and purple little thing. Don’t know her name or anything, but I decided to use that as a central focus. Here’s the main piece in all it’s not so glorious stages.

I glued this piece of paper to a cardboard crown I had cut out, and then glued some glittery stuff onto some strips of glue. I loathe that stuff because it tend to go into every imaginable crack and crevice (even one’s you didn’t know about), but the kid insisted.

In related news, do you remember the topic about the Rapunzel crown?
I just realized that I hadn’t shown you the finished product. Let’s start with the lettering…

I also coplained about the bump on her head that was supposed to be an ear. I used some ink to make two short lines, and it turned out rather passable. Sorry for the blurryness.

And here’s the final result…


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