Rapunzel, let down your hair!

January 25, 2012 at 18:19 (Blog, Drawing, Work) (, , , , , )

I’ve mentioned this several times before, but in the kindergarten I work at we have a tradition of making a birthday-crown whenever someone’s birthday happens to show up. Next week one of our kids is gaining a +1 to her years, and seeing as she’s absolutely enchanted with Rapunzel from the movie “Tangled” (who wouldn’t be? An adorable film) we’ve decided that to be the theme of her crown.

Starting today I drew the figure on some cardboard and colored it using my watercolor pencils, and then cut it out with a dull exacto knife. I really should invest in some new blades for that knife. :-/

Here’s the result so far. There’s still more to do, but this will be the central figure/theme for the crown.

I had to cut down on the length of her hair, but the kids immediately understood who it was supposed to be anyway. Guess that count as “mission acomplished”, yes?

There are several things that don’t like about it, though, almost entirely centered around the head.
First and most glaring, I seem to have REALLY screwed up the ear. It looks like a monster tumor bulging out of her head. And thene there’s the eyelashes, being way too bushy and feral on the rightmost eye. And finally, her expression. She doesn’t look like the innocent sweet child from the movie, but rather like she’s planning a devious prank.

Still, the kids are not as critical as me. They like it, and that’s all that matters… :)
Oh, I also forgot to add: I did this without looking at a reference, all freehand.



  1. Martha Joy said,

    I once read, somewhere on the internet, that the whole movie is an allegory for BDSM, since she keeps tying Flynn up in her hair. That was an … interesting interpretation, and probably not at all what Disney had in mind. But your Rapunzel would fit right in with it ^_^

  2. Mashiem said,

    She would at that, I suppose.
    Not really sure how much I like the word BDSM in conjunction with something that’s ment for kids, though. ;)

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