Chibi Robo Aquatest

December 14, 2011 at 20:45 (Drawing) (, , )

Here’s something I haven’t done in a while… Showing you a little piece of what I’m drawing!

Last saturday I went to Clas Ohlson, a DIY/hobby store downtown that has pretty much enything nonorganic that you can imagine. I was looking for some screws and bolts when I suddenly noticed an offer they had for some aquarell pencils. I’ve wanted to try these kind of things for a while now, so I grabbed the three basic colors: blue, red and yellow.

I’ve been fooling around with them a bit now, and today I decided to test how they would work alongside some regular graphite pencils. I sketched in a small robot with a dangerously oversized head, and set to work. Here you can see the tools I’ve used.

The yellow bencil is a simple #2 pencil, or HB if you like. Nothing fancy there. The aquarell pencils in three colors, pretty intense hues too.
I’m not sure what the brush on the far right is called, but I call it a “squit-brush”. I’s a simple container for water, and when I press it the water squirts into the nylon brush. Pretty nifty tool, though not as goot for fine control as a regular pencil.

Penciling the lil’ bugger in was pretty simple and quickly done. I was starting to regret my choice of a regular pencil for the lines, though. Some of them smudged a little. I think I’ll have to use some wax-based penvils in the future, or use markers/ink.

The green ground was made simply by drawing yellow on top of blue. In hidsight I should probably have used yellow or red for the body to distinguish it more from the ground.

Despite the somewhat blurry image you can easily see how the colors start to flow once water is applied. The problem using a squirt-brush is that it’s harder to pick up water once you have it down than with a regular brush. Think I’ll stick to those in the future.

And here you can see my little chibi robo in all his diminutive glory…

Please let me know what you think, and if you have any experience with these tools I’d love to hear about them. :)



  1. robpixaday said,

    Love the robot…and that squirt tool is super.

  2. Mashiem said,

    Thank you. A fairly simple drawing, though. :)
    As for the squirt-brush, I’ve found it to be most useful for large areas of uniform colors. For fine details or blending I use a round DaVinchi size 8 (really cheap, but functional) with a sharp point.

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