Darkwar Chronicles

October 17, 2011 at 21:29 (Blog, Drawing) (, , , )

I set out to clean up my desk today. It had accumulated so many papers and miscellaneous junk that it looked more like my trashcan than a place to get things done. While rummaging through the papers, deciding what to keep and what to throw away, I came across a whole pile of old sketches. I put them aside so I could look them over once my task was over.

Half an hour, and 3 kilos of trash lighter, I leafed through them and found some old drawings I had done for an old D&D campaign (that’s “Dungeons  & Dragons, a fantasy roleplaying game, for those of you unfamiliar with that kind of thing). I had created a campaign I called “The DarkWar Chronicles” for my players, and had drawn pictures of their characters.
Here’s a look at the initial sketches…


Alloran was supposed to be a worldweary and cynical wizard with gaunt features and a stony glare. Keep in mind that this was an initial try.
You’ll see the final result below.

Bran is a Warlord, a fighter focusing on using tactics and directing others through morale-boosting abilities. He was the leader of the band when it came to strategies and combat. A strong and dependable type, hard and unyielding when called for, but generally a good guy.
As you can see below I kept the final result rather close to the initial look.

Telena is a priest of Shayla, the godess of wisdom and fertility. She was the groups spokesperson, well versed in diplomacy, history and politics. He’s an attractive woman, completely devoted to her godess and the erradication of evil.


There were two other members of the party: Ronar and Corwin. I’m not sure where the sketch for Corwin ended up, and Ronar never got his character drawn. I don’t really remember why. Anyway, Corwin was a rogue, with all that entails; Sneaky, deceptive and workshy. Oh, and did I mention impulsive?

Here’s the final go at Alloran. He now looks mye “wizardy” thatnks to the pointy hat. He’s not quite as gaunt and has a beefier neck as well as not looking quite so ancient and decrepid.

Bran stayed mostly the same, but I gave him a more agressive expression so he wouldn’t look quite as much as a country bumpkin. And no, he didn’t go to battle in the nude. ;)

I liked the pose for Telena and kept it virtually the same. The only thing different is that she’s more rounded in the face, and her eyes look the same direction now. And in case you’re curious, the tattoo on her brow is the symbol of her deity.

You didn’t see the sketch for Corwin, but at least I have this to show you. I’m quite happy with the sneer he’s showing.

All these characters were pregenerated for the players before we started playing, as two players (Telena and Bran) hadn’t played any sort of roleplaying games before. Easier to jump straight in that way.
Unfortunately the campaign only lasted two (immensely fun) sessions because some of us were moving out of the country for half a year, and we never got back to continuing afterwards. A shame. :-/

Anyway, I rediscovered the campaing site we had when I was digging around for these pictures. If you’re interrested, head over to Darkwar Chronicles to read up on it. There’s an adventure log telling what happened to the characters, as well as some info on the world, cosmology and geography (with maps, naturally).


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