BOOO! You scared yet?

October 14, 2011 at 15:29 (Blog, Work) (, , , , , , )

October’s hitting us hard, chilling down the air and dripping cold water down our necks. The days are getting shorter and the nights darker. But despite all these depressing thoughts there are at least some events to enjoy, Halloween being one.

At work we’ve already started to prepare decoration for a halloween-party we plan for the kids. Some of the kids have joined in wholeheartedly by drawing ghosts, spiders, bats and weird denizens of the nightmare realms.

Myself, I’ve so far stuck to the classics: Pumpkins.
So far I’ve made six of them, plus one made by my stepson, and attached them to the window with some blu-tac. Quite easily made by cutting shapes out of orange cardboard, then freshened up with some gray markers. I also glued some yellow tissue paper to the back to make it look like they had a lantern inside.

And you know what?
When the sun hits them from behind, it blows my mind. The yellow paper shines like there’s a fire inside, and it really looks stunning. It looks much brighter than the sunlight that falls on the window just inches away.


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