I’ll huff and I’ll puff…

October 7, 2011 at 13:04 (Comic, Drawing) (, , , , , )

This morning I woke when my girlfriend left the bed to head for work, and for some reason or other I just couldn’t go back to sleep. As I lay there, mind swirling back and forth with pointless and confusing thoughts, the idea for this single-panel strip entered my brain. It might just be the sleep deprivation doing it, but it really made me laugh.
Not as funny now that I look at the finished product, but I’ll throw it out to the wolves nevertheless.

I used a paper of lower quality than I usually do (not really sure why), and the marker made a real mess of it. It started to bleed through lines, into other shades and outside the panel. A bit annoying, truth be told. I think I’ll stick to using markers on the bristol board from now on.

I have a little tip for you too, about how you can easily align text.
Here you can see a piece of paper that I’ve lined up using a thin marker, and then filled in every second line with gray marker (you can use any mid to dark color you have available). I spaced the lines so that the blank areas were 6mm high, and the shaded areas 3mm high. Seems to be perfect for the resolution I work in, but you’ll have to experiment with the sizes used for your own projects.

So, what’s the point of this?
You can now place this sheet on a lightbox and place your comic on top. You can now see the light areas show up and can pencil in your text there. Makes it look real neat and pretty without having to mess up your sketchings with extra lines.
Don’t have a lightbox? Me neither. The example you see here was made by taping the linesheet onto a window, then holding the comic over it while using the pencil to write in the text.


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