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Today I’ll share a little goodie with you: ColorSchemer!

Huh? What’s that?
Simply put, its an application that you use to find complimentary colors for your projects, or for using pregenerated color-palettes. I don’t know if you’ve ever had trouble finding hues that match each other and looks harmonious? This might just be the answer.

The program come in several versions:

  • Color Schemer Studio 2 is the full package, with all the whistles and bells you’d ever could have imagined, and several others you didn’t. It’s a marvelous program, but might take you a few days or learning to really get  everything you can out of. Oh, and it cost $50 to buy. Worth it, though.
  • ColorSchemer Online is a free, cut-down version that let you create, manage and download palettes. A great way to get a peek at whether the Studio version is anything you might consider.
  • ColorSchemer app for your idevices is available for free, and offer the same as the free online version does.
If you’re just in the browsing mood and not out to make your own palettes, you can still benefit from a visit to the ColorSchemes Gallery pages, whete you can browse and download premade palettes for use with PhotoShop, Paitner and whatnot.
Enjoy!  :D

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