Marked for life

October 1, 2011 at 20:20 (Blog, Drawing, Video) (, , , , , )

As I’ve mentioned before I often spend time browsing through YouTube, looking for videos about drawing and painting. Lately I’ve been looking through some videos about Copic markers and feeling the urge to try them out. Unfortunately they are horrendously expensive, as well as difficult to buy here in Norway.
Sure, I could buy them online. But online stores only sell them in packages, not as singles, and I’d rather try one or two before committing to buy anything expensive.

Instead I spent part of today digging through my old trash from before I moved to where I live now, looking for my old Promarker pens. They are basically the same kind of markers, though the Copics have a flexible, brushlike nib that looks really comfortable to draw with.

I eventually found my Promarkers, dry as ancient mummies. Not a big deal, thankfully, as these kind of markers can be refilled. And luckily enough, my old bottle of [insert chemical composition] was still half-full. I removed the nibs, refilled the pens, and let them lie to soak up the liquids for about two hours.

Haven’t got the foggiest what I’m taking about? This video might help clear up your confusion.

So, what should I draw?
I decided to make a single panel of Darwyn, nothing with a story but rather just a single panel to test out contrasts and values. I quickly penciled it in and then inked it, all in less than 10 minutes. You’ll see a few errors here that I didn’t bother to correct.

It’s been a loooong time since I used my markers, so I’m pretty rusty using them, but still; I think I did a pretty decent job. The only think I’m not really happy about is that I didn’t make the shadows on the Barkling dark enough.

Unfortunately the paper I use aren’t really intended for markers, so it bleeds through. I’m just glad that the paper has high enough quality that the markers doesnt “bleed” out on the front side.

Here’s the back of the paper afterwards (image flipped to match the front side). Not as pretty, no? Thank goodness I had my trusty drawingboard beneath.
By the way, here’s the markers I used for this drawing. I had bought them separately and not in a package like this, but still; The result is the same.


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