Watch me draw #4

September 24, 2011 at 00:10 (Comic, Drawing, Video) (, , , , , , , )

Greetings, and welcome back to another session of me skribbling some ink down on paper. That’s right, another “watch me draw” video to plague your eyes. To compensate a bit I’ve added a few minutes of Pink Floyd, just to soothe your ears. :)

The original video was 40 minutes long, almost to the second. I’ve tried a new method to speed it up, using Pinnacle Studio 15HD to time-lapse it 5 times. I’ll never go through THAT again, though, as it took the better part of 6 hours to process, lagging my computer like nothing else while doing so, and even ended up with less quality than I started out with.
If someone has a good technique for speeding up videos taken with an iPhone, please… Let me know!

While inking this strip I had put Spotify on shuffle, with slightly over 9000 songs to select from. Turned out to be a rather schizophrenic playlist.

“A satisfied mind” – Johnny Cash
“Eleanor Rigby” – The Beatles
“The tide is high” – Atomic Kitten
“Sensorium” – Delerium
“Comfortably numb” – Pink Floyd
“Sweat (A la la la long)” – Inner Circle
“Ladies and gentlemen” – Saliva
“The post war dream” – Pink Floyd
“Bohemian rhapsody” – Queen
“I want your love” – Transvision Vamp
“Princess of light” – Robert Miles


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