Here be trolls!

September 8, 2011 at 12:22 (Blog, Drawing, Work) (, , )

At work two days ago I was asked if I could draw a cute, friendly troll with simple lines. Why?

You see, each of the departments on my work has a cute name that the kids can easily remember. The smaller kids belong to either Apekattene (The Monkeys) or Bikuben (The Beehive), and the older kids to Bamsebo (Bearhome) or Trollstua (Trollroom). Sorry for the lousy translation.
Anyway, one of my colleagues has started painting an animal on each of the other departments, a bear, ape and a bee. But look around the net a bit, and you’ll see that it isn’t exactly overflowing with cute and non-scary pictures of trolls.

And thus I, the resident draw-o-holic, was asked to create one. Here’s the result.


I’ll create another post when it’s been transferred to the wall and fully painted. Until then: Beware of trolls. Not everyone is as sweet as this li’l critter…


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