Manga Mania

September 4, 2011 at 19:05 (Blog, Drawing) (, , , , , , , )

Let it be known that I’m not a huge fan of Manga and Anime. Some of it is good, much is utter trash. Thus I’ve never really yearned to draw in that style either.

Despite that, I set out to draw something manga-ish today. The 14 year old son of our neighbours was confirmed at church today, and I though it would be a nice gesture to give him a personalized drawing. What with him being a World of Warcraft player and all, I decided something WOW-themed would suit him well. He plays a male Blood-Elf Warlock, so that became the natural choice of motif.

I started sketching poses and ideas on some officepaper lying about, and here’s a few pictures of them. This first one turned out to look too much like a gypsy, and there were something wrong with his pose too, so that got scrapped.

The next one show some initial thoughs about the clothing. Didn’t like the shoulderpads (pouldrons?) so I ditched them, but I found I liked him better with short, fiery hair.

Then follow a smaller piece of scrap paper with some posing. I finally settled on something similiar to the one in the middle.

Having decided on a pose and fleshed out the armor a little, I set about sketching on an A4 sheet of paper (160g). Here you can see a little of the progress…

After using my nib pen to draw in the lines I used a small brush (size 0, round) to create a heavy outline around the character. With that in place I used a larger brush (size 4, round) to spot in the area around him to make the drawing look more dramataic.

Finally, here you can see the final, scanned product in all it’s high-res detail. I urge you to click on it to see all the details. :)

The man of the hour got the drawing from me a little while ago, and it seemed to me like he liked it. ^_^


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