Webcomics Spotlight: Girls With Slingshots

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Hello and welcome to a new feature on this blog that I’m calling Webcomics Spotlight. In these segments I’ll show you a little of one of the many comics that I’ve discovered and talk a little about how I came upon the comic, discuss the artstyle a bit and explain what it is about the strips that keep me comming back for more.
All strips borrowed with permission from the author. Click each one to be taken directly to the strip and view them in all their full-size glory.

As my first “victim” I’d like to introduce you to “Girls With Slingshots” (GWS) by Danielle Corsetto.

A few years ago, as I was sleeplessly dredging through the web looking for anything even remotely interresting, I came across a rather crappy webcomic. I don’t even know which one it was, but it had a link heading over to GWS, for which I’m infinitely grateful.

 The first strip I encountered.

I had one look at the strip and giggled like a teenager at school learning about reproduction. I read the couple of strips preceding that one and was hooked, so I headed for the first strip and started reading them chronologically (I tend to do that when something strikes my fancy) and didn’t emerge until a few days later, feeling sad that I’ve already plowed through it all.
Mind you, that was back in 2008 and the comic goes way back to 2004, so even at that point there was a lot of material to sift through. And I had enjoyed every minute of it. But thankfully it seems like Danielle has no shortage of ideas for her cast, and now releases a new strip on every weekday.

One of the earlier strips.

At it’s heart GWS is a drama-show, featuring intrigues between the (very) varied cast of characters and their day-to-day problems that keep cropping up. It’s just that their problems seems to be a little exagerated, just enough to really bring the points across, but not far enough that it’s wildly improbable.
Well, except for the talking, irish cactus… And the ghost kitty… And… Oh sod it. The comic is fun, never mind the realism. ^_^

One thing that feature heavily in GWS is sex. No, it’s not porn, but it IS a topic that both the characters and the series as a whole is unafraid to talk about. It’s quite refreshing, actually, when most mainstream medias seem to have a taboo about featuring anything even resembling maturity. Me, I’d much rather see someone being whacked in the face by a dildo than some generic superhero kicking the living shit out of someone.
The strip also feature homosexuality in a very mature way, and does so quite naturally without screaming “I’m gay” unlike a few horrid examples I’ve seen before.

Sex! It exist. Deal with it…

Over the years GWS have gone through a rather drastic change. The earlier strips are more more rough and slightly more realistic in the way they are drawn, while the newer strips have a more stylized “cartoony” look. The grayscale that’s been the hallmark of the series until last year  is simple yet gorgeous, subtly used to direct your gaze to the focus of each panel and to illustrate simple background objects.

Last year Danielle started coloring her strips for every update. She had done so occationally for some select few strips in the past, but from September 23rd 2010 every strip has been colorized five days â week. The colors made the comic neither better nor worse, but is well done with hues that complement each other well.

McPedro in all his green glory.

So, why do I keep on reading?
Not only are the comic itself genuinely funny, but it has interresting characters with all the many motivations, doubts and fears you’d expect from real people. All the characters, ranging from insecure Hazel and bitchy Candy to goodnatured Jameson and perverted Tyler, have multiple sides that prevent them from being mere stereotypes. Some you may love and others you might love to hate, but they are all unique. Over the years of watching them grow and evolve I’ve come to care about them, and in a weird way they feel like old friends.
By the way: Jamie, I love you! ^_^

The archives contain over 1200 strips.

Danielle Corsetto has hit gold with GWS. If you haven’t already done so I suggest you head over to her site at http://www.girlswithslingshots.com/ and start reading. I know I’ve had fun rediscovering some of the older stuff while preparing this article. ^_^

If you’re interrested to know a little more about Danielle and what she does you might want to check out an interview with Guerrilla Geek she did that was published this July (the 4th to be precise), or perhaps you would rather listen to her voice at Webcomics Weekly (episode #4) where they discuss tips for conventions.



  1. Mangara said,

    Cool! I read all the strips over the past few days =)

    It reminds me a lot of Questionable Content, have you seen that one?

  2. Mashiem said,

    Indeed I have. It’s on my list of comics I’d love to spotlight in the future. I have two other I’d want to present first though, what with having gotten permission to use their artwork. ;)

    Glad to know that my writing might lead other people to discover new and great things.

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