Good bye, fishie!

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I had a reather surreal experience at work today. Some of the kids in the kindergarten came to me and told me that the fish was acting weird. That’s right, we have a small aquarium.

We used to have four fish, but over the years they have been beset by various calamities ranging from groping fingers to various substances being poured into the water. Most of the kids at my department are good to them and know better, but it’s when the smaller kids from other departments of the kindergarten drop by that “interresting” things happen. We never got so far as to buy new fish to replace the casualties.
Long story cut short, we only had a charmer like this Don Juan here left:


I’m not sure what the english name is, so I just call it a suckerfish. It’s what it does. Suck. That, and stay motionless.
Anyway, the kids were saying it was acting weird, so I went over to take a look. Sure enough, it was lying still as usual. It’s wasn’t sucking on stones or glass as usual, though. It was lying on it’s back with some white mold-like fungus growing out of it’s mouth.

Where’s the surreal bit, I hear you say?
Well, I told the kids the fish were dead, then fished it out (sorry, pun not intended) and slipped it into the toilet bowl. With twelve kids standing around, I explained that we were sending it back to the ocean through the sewer system, then flushed. And I almost laughed out loud seeing twelve kids bent over the toilet, waving there hands and yelling “Good bye, fishie!”

So, what to do with an aquarium with no fish?
I enptied out all the junk and gave it a thorough wash, then dried it out… And started making my own fish. That’s right, I made my own. Out of paper, mind you.

I encouraged the kids to make some of their own to start a new colony of fish, and here you see the result so far.
The big blue with red fins and the starfish are my creations, the octopus is Anna’s work (one of my coworkers), the rest made by the kids. The big red one is a flounder, and we even made some seaweed out of pipecleaners. The fish are taped to the lid above with some sewingthread and tape, making them “swim” in the “water”.

So far the kids think it’s a wonderful change. ^_^


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