This won’t do…

August 12, 2011 at 18:45 (Blog)

Tomorrow I’m off to a birthday party, this one a little more special than most. A good friend has invited me and 70-90 other people to a huuuge BBQ-party deep in the woods. That’s right, away from civilization. And not only that, but it’s a theme-party, the theme being “Hobbits”. :P

As a thank-you for the invite I decided to make a drawing of him, as a hobbit naturally, but things didn’t quite go the way I wanted to. I spent aaages refining the pencils, drawing and redrawing more times than I care to remember. I finally got it to where I tought it good enough and started inking.
Big mistake…

For some reason, the drawing that looked good in pencil looks utterly ghastly in ink, so I’ll have to redo the whole thing from scratch. Not a big deal in and off itself, but I’m starting to feel the deadline breathing down my next. That mean I won’t be able to do another Darwyn strip before the weekend as I had hoped to do. :(
I’ll get to it on monday though…


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