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August 7, 2011 at 19:53 (Blog, Drawing) (, , , , , )

A while back I promised a drawing/poster as a birthdaypresent to Arild, a very good neighbour. For some strange reason I’ve postponed it for way too long, but today I finally managed to pull my finger out of my [CENCORED] and get started.

Arild is a football-fan. Of perhaps I should say soccer so as not to confuse my american readers (no, what you play over there is NOT football).
Anyway, I digress. Arild is a football-fan, and he’s a fan of Pondus, a highly successful and funny comic-strip here in Norway. The strip basically revolves around Pondus, a middle-aged man obsessed with football (Liverpool all the way), and his friend Jokke.
After consulting with Arild’s wife, I decided a strip about football and including Pondus, Jokke and Arild would be ideal.

So, here’s the result:

Here’s a transcript for those not familiar with Norwegian:

Jokke (left): “Why did you have to bring Arild along? The guy get drunk on Crappa-Cola!”
Arild (middle): “Offside? My ass, you devil-judge!”
Pondus (right): “Relax! It’s his birthday. Besides, he’s a Liverpool-supporter.”

As you might gather, Arild’s a Liverpool-man too.
Here’s a few photos of the process involved in making the poster:






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