What to call it?

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Another day, another drawing…
This time a direct followup to yesterdays comic.

First a few pictures, both of the progress and of me filling in a large-ish area of ink with a brush.



And here’s the comic.
Once again, click the image for full size.

I have a problem with this series, though: What to call it?
I want a simple name, preferably a one-word name, but also something catchy enough to easily remember and spell. I’ve envisioned it to be the name of that pink-ish blob-creature, but is doesn’t have to be. Any and all suggestions (that isn’t cussing) will be highly appreciated .




  1. Stigg said,

    I like it man! No idea what to call it, but I like the character!

  2. Mashiem said,

    So far suggestions from both Black Temple and Facebook has been:
    – Robert
    – Bob
    – Egward
    – Truffle
    – Blumsen
    – Rullrolf
    – Atle Johnny
    – Tjodalf
    – Gudleik

    The one I like most of these are “Egward”, and I use the term “like” very lightly here. Optimally the name should be for both the character AND the comic as a whole, and none of these seem to really fit.

    Please, keep comming with the suggestions…

  3. Mashiem said,

    I took the liberty of copy/pasting something Stigg (first poster on this topic) wrote to me in a private message. It just fits too well to NOT add here:

    “Anyways, I like that character and setting a lot. We don’t see many prehistoric environments in comics (or anywhere really) which is a shame. And to create a unique non-existent species as (what I am assuming) is your main character is pretty nice too as it doesn’t have a baseline to work on (so we don’t make assumptions about him). Of course, the general appearance makes me think him to be slow & stupid, which is always a comical thing.”

  4. Stigg said,

    Out of the names listed, I am a fan of Egward and Blumsen myself. Simple (which seems to fit the character thus far) and rather brutish in a caveman type way. Rullrolf doesn’t roll off the tongue well, I don’t even know how to pronounce Tjodalf or Atle or Gudleik. Robert and Bob are a surprise twist for the character (as those are common names), but I think that novelty would wear off, and quickly at that.

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