Drawing blobs

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It’s summertime, and not much to do at work. At least not all the time.
Today I found the time to draw a little. Last night I kept dreaming of a cute “monster” that was sad because he was all alone. This idea kept popping up in my mind today too, so I started sketching and refining the sketches, and as I did so a little story started to form inside my skull.

I started penciling before lunch, and afterwards I went on to inking. By then the weather had changed from dreary and cloudy to bright and warm sunshine, so I picked up my toolbox and did all the inking outside.
By the way, here’s what my toolbox looks like:


Inking done and the worst errors hidden by white acrylics. As you can see I use a board that I tape the paper onto. This paper is A3 Bristol, particularly suited for ink and airbrush.


Back home I scanned the drawing and imported it into Photoshop. Using my Intuos 4wl tablet I added some simple color. I wanted the colors to be drab and muted to emphasize the monsters loneliness.

Here’s the final result. I hope you like it.
By the way, click the image to view in full size.



  1. Mai =) said,

    awww thats just way to cute =D

  2. Mashiem said,

    Thanks, that’s what I was going for. ^_^
    Oh, I forgot to mention; there’s more to come at a later point. This is just the “intro” to my little story.

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