Halt! Police!

July 25, 2011 at 21:54 (Blog, Drawing, Work)

I had another assignment at work today.
In our kindergarten we have made a tradition of making a cardboard crown for the kids when it’s their birthday, and one of the girls had just that saturday two days hence. Unfortunately the people at work on friday had forgotten that, so I was asked if I could make something in a hurry. I was asked because I tend to put a little extra work into that task (it’s just too much fun).

I try to match the crown to each kid’s interests  and wishes, and asking one of my cooworkers that know her a little better than I do, I was told this little princess dream of working at the police. Yes, Jackpot! No pink dresses, castles, teddybears or ponies! ^_^

Time being short, I wanted something with lot of detail, that wouldn’t take too long to finish. Had to get it ready before she arrived, so my cooworlers could pretend they had just “forgotten” to give it to her on friday. Yeah, I know. Pretty cowardly, but that’s the way the story goes.

I first designed this little filly. She’s dressed in a slightly simplified version of a norwegian parade uniform. I threw in a couple of handcuffs just to make things real clear.

I then designed a modified version of a police badge, the one she has on her arm. Instead of the royal lion brandishing a halberd I drew a curly 6 (her age) with a halberd blade at the top.

I then colored them using pencils. I had planned on using watercolors, but couldn’t find a brush giving me a good enough point to paint small details. I also cut out her name and some checkerboard patterns I had printed out and glued it all onto a piece of black cardboard.
Here you can see the finished result, before the ends were attached at the back to create a “crown”.

Sorry for the horrible quality on the pictures. They were taken on my iPod Touch camera, not the best instrument to use for taking close-ups on anything.


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