I don’t feel so well…

July 24, 2011 at 19:53 (Blog, Drawing)

A little while ago my workplace, a kindergarten, decided to reprint a leaflet with routines and directions about various diseases and illnesses. Some parents have a rather lax attitude to the whole “this is contagious” stuff it seems, so we needed to remind them.
Anyways, my boss asked me to prepare an illustration to have at the front, something that said “sick child” quite plainly. Until then we’d had a photo of a girl that looked more constipated than ill.

Naturally I accepted the challenge (I do love to draw, after all), and had this little boy done in half an hour. Had done a few other sketches and ditched them. They loved it, and it’s now a part of my workplace’s official medical documentation. ^_^

The drawing was made on Dahler-Rowney 180g paper.
First sketched with a 2H mechanical pencil, and then inked with a Pentel Caligraphy brush-pen.


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