I have no words…

July 23, 2011 at 19:46 (Blog, World Events)

Unless you’ve been living in a cardboard box you’ve probably picked up on the tragedy that hit Norway yesterday, where a lunatic not only bombed the goverment quarter in Oslo but also went to a youth rally just outside Oslo and gunned down at least 85 people.

I live in Oslo, with the home I grew up in no more than 3 blocks from where the bomb went off. My mother still lives there. I thank all the high powers that may exist nothing happened to her. But still, other people weren’t as lucky as her.
Both yesterday and today I’ve wasted around in a daze, my mind to conflicted to know what to think. I’m angry and pissed off, depressed and griefstrucken. I’ve been on the verge of tears more than once and woken up more than once with bad dreams.

Words cannot truly convey what I feel.
Nothing can set this right.



  1. estherlou said,

    What you feel is normal. You were violated! And you are probably thinking of “what ifs”. A lunatic attacked your world. It might take a while to get your balance back.

  2. Mashiem said,

    I know, it’s a natural process that my mind has to go through. I just wish I didn’t HAVE to go through it. I can’t even in my wildest and sickest imagination figure out why someone would DO things like this to another human being.

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